Our Story

WIN Partners is a multimedia, Louisiana-based political and public affairs consulting firm offering a hands on approach that allows us to develop strategic messaging — coupled with robust use of innovative technologies — to achieve our client’s goals. We have a proven record of success in developing effective communication strategies to provide our clients with an advantage in a competitive environment.

At WIN Partners, we offer our clients strategic planning, message development, communication strategies for television, radio and direct mail advertising, a telecommunication program and pulse polling. Additionally, we harness the power of the internet and its ability to deliver creative messaging to targeted audiences through a web presence, web video ads and testimonials, podcasts, and blogs.

Our mission is to be proud of our work and the clients we serve. We work for candidates, non-profits, and companies who strive for excellence in service to others. To that end, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the same drive, energy, and creativity they use to serve communities around the world. Our core values of experience, service, and passion provide our firm with a fresh approach that our clients have come to value.

Win Partners is proudly based in New Orleans, Louisiana, but our partners have national reach.

Let’s start a conversation. We’ll help you get to the win.