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Our Services

Our Services

Learn More About Our Services:

GENERAL CONSULTING. General Consulting includes devising a comprehensive budget and timeline to best allocate the limited resources of our client. Win Partners will assist in message development, speech writing, crisis management, and overall strategic guidance of the client. Our firm’s general consultation creates an organizational structure for the strategy to be completely implemented.

MESSAGE & MEDIA. A good message can only get you so far. A winning message needs a good messenger. Win Partners uses every medium necessary to deliver a thoughtful and persuasive message to the targeted audience.

  • Direct Mail. Every mail piece is uniquely designed to the client’s needs. The goals of our mail piece are simple—catch the immediate attention of the recipient and ensure an effective message is delivered. With our cost-saving strategies and ability to narrow the universe, we can offer a direct mail campaign at the lowest cost in the state.
  • Television. We make it simple: Powerful, compelling stories placed effectively to reach your voters. We create, develop, and manage the production of television media, and then apply our demographic analysis to buy the right broadcast, cable, or web media to get your message through the clutter.
  • Media Strategy Management. We’ll develop themes to use across all media, including Television, radio, web and social, in order to make sure your messaging hits home with repetition and results.
  • E-Roots. Harnessing the full potential of the technological capabilities of the internet, our firm will cultivate our client’s presence in this informational frontier. Services include website development, spreading viral grassroots videos, weekly video/email updates of the client’s progress, podcasts, and blogs.
  • Digital and Web Targeting. Buying media on the web can be complicated and confusing. We make it easy, effective and efficient. Selecting targeted demographics, we place your campaign in the right places at the right times, so the right people hear and see your digital message, all for pennies on the dollar spent on traditional media.
  • Radio. From buying ads to arranging interviews, radio allows the client to quickly reach a large target audience in a limited time span.
  • Voter Identification & Automated Calls. Used to identify supporters and to Get-Out-the-Vote during early voting and Election Day, this form of communication uniquely allows the client to understand what mediums are working, how well the client’s message has resonated throughout the course of a campaign and to push the voters out.

DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETING. What voters are up for grabs? Where to concentrate your limited resources? Our firm’s knowledge of the area’s demographics and the tendencies of their audience (determined by age, gender, income and other demographics) allows the client to best utilize the client’s resources. We also have an ability to forecast an election turnout based on historical trends. All of this and everything you will ever want to know about your targeted audience is included in our comprehensive campaign kit.

  • IVR Polling. Interactive voter response polling is a highly accurate and affordable tool offered to help clients determine the electorate’s interest, the clients’ approval/disapproval ratings, the client’s name recognition, current “horserace” position, and/or how the media campaign is moving voters. Unlike traditional polling, IVR polling can target a larger universe while costing three or four times less than traditional, live-operator polling.


Political Campaigns & Clients:

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ)

Civil District Court Judge Paula Brown (LA)

Civil District Court Judge Paulette Irons (LA)

Colorado Democratic Party (CO)

Councilman James Carter (LA)

Councilwoman Stacy Head (LA)

Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell (LA)

Councilwoman Susan Guidry (LA)

Councilman Jared Brossett (LA)

Criminal Court Judge Karen Herman (LA)

Criminal Court Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson (LA)

Family Court Judge Bernadette D’Souza (LA)

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Paul Bonin (LA)

Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (NJ)

Former Governor Jon Corzine (NJ)

Juvenile Court Judge Candice Bates Anderson (LA)

Mayor Lee Brown (Houston)

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Tribal Chief Beasley Denson (MS)

New Jersey State Democratic Party (NJ)

Obama for America

Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee (LA)

Second City Court Judge “Teena” Anderson-Trahan (LA)

State Representative Austin Badon (LA)

State Representative Herbert Dixon (LA)

State Representative Jared Brossett (LA)

State Representative Walker Hines (LA)

State Representative Walter Leger III (LA)

State Representative Helena Moreno (LA)

State Senator Ann Duplessis (LA)

State Senator Butch Gautreaux (LA)

State Senator Cheryl A. Gray (LA)

State Senator Horacena Tate (GA)

State Senator JP Morrell (LA)

State Senator Karen Carter Peterson (LA)

State Senator Nan Orrock (GA)

U.S. Senator John Kerry (MA)


Nonprofit Clients:

Dryades YMCA (LA)

Just Willing Foundation (LA)

Linear Leadership Academy (LA)

Louisiana Democratic Party (LA)

Neighbor to Neighbor (Washington D.C.)

Pathway Academy (MO)

Public Education Policy Committee (LA)

Service Employees International Union (LA)

Stand For Children (501(c)4 and Big PAC Strategy and Management – (LA)


Corporate Clients:

Edison Learning (NY)

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco (CA)

Policy Studies, Inc. (CO)

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