New Orleans Sheriff’s Poll – 1/23/14

To: Interested Parties
From: WIN Partners, LLC
RE: Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Race

NEW ORLEANS – With one week to go until election day, WIN Partners conducted a third poll of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s race. WIN Partners does not have a client in the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s race, and this portion of the poll was conducted strictly for informational purposes. No candidate or campaign committee in the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s race authorized or paid for this poll.

QUESTION: If the election for Orleans Parish Sheriff were held today, who would you choose [CYCLE OPTIONS – Except #5]:
1. Quentin Brown 2. Charles Foti 3. Marlin Gusman 4. Ira Thomas 5. Undecided

OVERALL 2.70% 27.20% 37.90% 15.90% 16.20%
BLACK 3.00% 19.00% 46.40% 20.20% 11.30%
WHITE 2.70% 39.10% 25.00% 10.90% 22.30%
OTHER 0% 21.90% 48.40% 7.80% 21.90%

Sheriff Marlin Gusman continues to hold a statistically significant lead over former Sheriff Charles Foti, but currently fails to cross the 50% threshold needed to avoid a March 15th run-off. Both candidates are showing growth in their support as voters pay closer attention to the election and paid media begins to hit saturation levels. Gusman’s lead has modestly increased week-over-week from 7% on 1/17 to 10% today,  no doubt partially the result of a concentrated television assault on Foti’s tenure in office. While Foti has also been airing a TV spot extolling Foti’s management skills and assailing Gusman’s leadership of the OPSO, Foti has yet to find the formula to turn voters away from Gusman.

The poll was conducted among a random citywide sample of 419 likely voters on January 23, 2014. Among the sample of 419 likely voters, the poll carries a margin of error of plus or minus 4.8%. All respondents were asked questions concerning basic demographics, and the entire sample was weighted to reflect city-wide turnout figures for gender, race, age and party.

To see WIN Partners 1/17/14 poll on the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s race, click here.

To download a PDF of these results, click here.

About WIN Partners, LLC:

WIN Partners is a New Orleans-based political and public affairs firm, specializing in messaging strategy, direct mail and digital marketing. In addition, WIN Partners assists clients in voter research, survey development and polling analysis in federal, state and municipal elections. WIN Partners does not have a client in the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s race. For more information, please visit and follow us on twitter @WINPartnersLLC.

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