Head For Council - Straight Talk, Real Results

Head For Council – Straight Talk, Real Results

Problem: Stacy Head, an extremely effective but sometimes controversial district Councilmember from uptown New Orleans enters the 2012 Council At-Large race to represent all of New Orleans. WIN Partners manages media strategy to effectuate a slim victory in an off year election winning only 13% of citywide African-American vote. In 2014, incumbent Head faces well-financed African-American opponent in a large-turnout citywide regular election for the first time.

Winning Solution: WIN Partners executes a coordinated mail, radio and television campaign touting Head’s work across the city’s racial, economic, and cultural dividing lines, projecting an earnest, effective Councilmember working for all New Orleanians. The result? Head re-elected overwhelmingly, winning more than 40% of African-American vote along the way to a dominate overall victory. Coverage in the Times-Picayune

Stacy Head Works For Us from Stacy Head on Vimeo.